Our story

Nordic Wild Foods founders Elina Toivonen and Hanna Lehmuskallio in Hong Kong

We are Elina and Hanna, the founders of Nordic Wild Foods. Like most people in Finland, we were picking wild berries with our families already as kids. We picked them during the short but sweet summer in July and August, freezed them and enjoyed them every day throughout the long winter. When we grew up, we both ended up living abroad: in the UK, Austria, Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore and now in Hong Kong. 

Wherever we are in the world, Nordic berries, mushrooms and herbs are something we always miss from home. That is why, in 2018, we ended up founding Nordic Wild Foods. Finland is known for its pristine nature and as one of the cleanest places on Earth, and we now want to share its amazing wild superfoods with people in Asia. 

Taste the purest nature and gain the health benefits with each spoonful!