Wild blueberry latte

Wild blueberry latte made with bilberry powder

 Fill your mug with this superfood latte - it is full of flavour and nutrients!

1 cup of plant based milk (+ a bit more for foaming)
1 teaspoon of Nordic Wild Foods bilberry or other berry powder 
1 berry tea bag
1 teaspoon of powdered vanilla
Hint of cinnamon/cardamom

Place the ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to simmer. Turn the heat off. Let infuse for a few minutes and then remove the teabag. Pour the liquid into a glass.

Foam the milk. If you don't have a steam wand you can also use this microwave trick: shake the milk in a jar for 30 seconds and then microwave the foam for a few seconds to stabilise it. Pour on top of your latte.